Arrangement of the moving van`s cargo space when moving by yourself


There are so many different types of moving vans and perhaps each one has its own unique way for a perfect arrangement. That`s why it`s essential to discuss all the details with the moving agent before hiring the van, as well as review all the available offers and to take everything into account. For instance, begin with determining the exact size and weight of the moving boxes, which will give you an easier orientation about the needed van`s cargo space. It comes to a better visual assessment of all your bags, boxes and belongings, which will definitely appear a quite more different outlook when dismantled and piled in moving boxes. The wardrobes and the beds become smaller but their boxes become quite heavier too. The sofas and the other upholstery furnishings acquire a more uniform outlook when wrapped in protective sheets or nylon coverings, while the fridge and the other yet void objects are quite difficult to imagine when you stuff them with other items like blankets, curtains, pillows, etc. in order to save space. Determining the exact type of the objects that you`re about to relocate will help you to take the right pick of the moving boxes and therefore moving van.

Nevertheless, a little bit of a professional advice from the moving company is always useful. Make a list with questions like the specs of the moving van that you want to rent, whether it`s a one direction trip or you have to return the van and all the other important questions about the van. Ask about the location of the door -whether it`s a rear or a side door. All these yet small details will help you with the arrangement when loading the van.

The main and most important thing to watch for is to keep the right balance of the boxes in order to make them safe from turning, rolling, vibrations… Avoid piling small and light boxes one on top of another or secure them with a multitude of stripes of tape. Another great idea is to put the biggest and heaviest boxes first and to put them at different corners of the van`s cargo space. This will ensure a better centering of the weight and so a better performance of the van along steep routes, sharp turns, etc. On the other hand, centering the weight is the best way to prevent the boxes from falling or rotating.

Yet another major highlight to keep in mind when arranging the boxes in the moving van when loading is to make it easier for unloading. When you arrive at your new home, there might be a mess of boxes, labels, checklists, people strolling around, etc. Because of that, you may want to put the most important boxes that you have to open first next to the door of the van to make them easier for quick unloading. It might be just one small box with sandwiches for the kids, but it should be a little bit of a search until you reach it if you pile it with heavy boxes at the opposite side of the moving van.

When the van`s loaded – review everything one more time and make sure that there are no loose parts, boxes and items. If there are any – get the packaging tape and start wrapping the risky objects. Or else, stuff the void spaces between the walls of the boxes and the items with soft objects like blankets. The more the safer the objects during the long trip. Read more at:

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