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Residents of many countries around the world dream of buying property abroad in order to radically change their lives or make a profitable investment. In any case, the purchase of real estate is a very serious step, and you should choose responsibly both the country for future investments and the real estate itself. And you need the help of specialists in this case.

But, before contacting an international real estate agency, you should still study the situation on the international market on your own in order to more specifically determine your requirements. You can do this by using the portal is a large, developing portal using which you can not only find real estate in different parts of the world, but also learn about the conditions for its acquisition in a particular country. Using this resource, you can get information that previously had to be collected from many sites. It will help to compare real estate prices in different countries, to analyze all the risks and opportunities, before making a responsible decision.

On the portal you can find information about different types of residential and commercial real estate. Here, there are houses, cottages and townhouses of the secondary market and apartments in new buildings. Using the site you can find an apartment for purchase in the United States (, Canada or in one of the European countries, select an elite apartment in one of the residential complexes in Moscow or any other city in Russia.

But the portal will be useful not only to those who are interested in buying real estate. It can be used by those who sell it (developers and property owners), as well as intermediaries in the transaction (realtors, lawyers, financiers, etc.). The former can submit their offers on the site, the latter – offer their services to help both sellers and buyers of real estate. differs from other similar resources in that with all the scale of its activity, the portal provides very detailed information about each object that is presented on its pages. Here you can find not only a photo of the object, but also a plan of the apartment or house, find out its exact location (indicated on the map), get acquainted with the main characteristics of the residential complex, get information about the developer, find out what stage the construction isat (for those who are interested in apartments in new buildings), etc.

Despite the huge amount of information presented on the portal, it is very comfortable to use it. The resource interface is so clear that even the user who first entered to the portal can easily figure it out.

Browsing real estate can be carried out on a regional basis, using the chain “country – city – microdistrict or residential complex – a specific object.” For a faster search, you can use the special filter on the site. When you choose the necessary characteristics of the desired property in the form of a filter, it will show you the most relevant objects.

Trying to most fully satisfy the needs of each client, the developers of the portal present a lot of additional information on it. For example, here you can find the conditions for obtaining a mortgage in a particular country, compare mortgage rates in different countries, get acquainted with financial organizations ready to provide their services.

But the tasks of the portal are not limited to assistance in finding real estate. Here you can get professional advice on real estate transactions, as well as contact the seller of a property to clarify all issues and further steps to conduct the transaction. By filling out the simplest form, you can contact the manager of one of the banks that are partners of the portal.

Thus, is a universal international portal whose activities are fully consistent with current trends in the real estate market. Here you can get objective, up-to-date information that contributes to a comfortable and safe real estate transaction. The portal is actively developing, expanding the scope of its cooperation and the list of services provided. Its creators are doing everything to bring your dream of a new comfortable housing closer to life.


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