Is Purchasing One Of The Boise Idaho Homes For Sale A Good Idea?


Boise, the capital of Idaho, the city of Greenbelt and Historic trails and views, is indeed a great place to settle down and live. The city is an amalgam of culture, beauty and history. If you are thinking of moving towards the west, then Idaho is your dream state and you can take our word for that.

The home town of several actors and media personalities like Kimberly Peterson and Thom Pace, Boise is indeed a place worthy of your time, attention and investment.

The city with a population of more than 220,000 people encompasses almost zero to no crime rate, schools, medical centers and several activities for the visitors and the residents. One of the best places with all the facilities that a resident requires before moving in, there are several reasons why you should consider spending your money on the Boise Idaho homes for sale.

Safe Place

The city is considered as one of the safest and reliable places to live in the USA. Boise was ranked as eighth in one of the safest cities of the world. The figures also indicate that whether your children are walking from school to home or you have left your front door unlocked, you can move around with worry. The figures are as low as 2.67 for 1000 people which is quite low as compared to many other places.

Scenic and Natural Atmosphere

The city is situated in the north of great basin deserts, towards the west of the Rocky Mountains and the Boise Rivers run through the city making the place extremely beautiful. Boise offers a great view of natural sceneries for people to enjoy and entertain themselves. Outdoor activities are an important part for the people of Boise and they are conducted throughout the year. You can engage yourself in healthy and exciting activities and competitions that include cycling, hiking, skiing, rafting and much more!

Rich in Culture; for the cultural freaks out there

It might not seem so but Boise is a popular and cultural home for jazz theatre and music. Some events and festivals are conducted each year in honor of the legends of jazz like the famous and versatile Gene Harris.

Several theatres are present in the city where multiple groups perform and the residents of the area enjoy the comic and cultural entertainment sources that the city has to offer them

Variety of Seasons

Unlike other places with constant climate and just one type of season, Boise has a versatile climate which allows the residents to experience the beauty of the naturally scenic place by all seasons. The average temperature ranges between 32 degrees F to 72 Degrees F. Apart from that the levels of rain are quite low – as low as 12 inches annually. Despite the place being sunny and minimal towards the snow, you can experience the colder parts of the season by heading up to the ski resorts that are not quite far away.

Education opportunities

The people of Boise have had a drastic change in their educational and literacy statistics. With great schools and opportunities to gain any sort of knowledge, the city is in comprises of a strong figure of 99% literacy in any form of education. The schools are considered as one of the most challenging schools with quality education and the universities offer a great variety of graduate and undergraduate programmers. 90% of people consider sending their kids to public schools which depict the professionalism and quality of the education being provided by the government.

Job Market

The Unemployment rate is as low as 2.9%; 1.5% lesser as the national average. And the job market is increasing dramatically and a figure of 51% is expected in the coming ten years. This figure is 17% more than the national average. Boise is known to the world as US’s fastest developing job markets and the technology has developed to a huge extent which offers the professionals and young people a great opportunity to grow and make a career.

Hot Market

The market of Boise Idaho homes for sale is currently hot and the figures have increased to a figure of 12% than the national average. The figure is also expected to increase more in the coming years. Despite the increase in house rates, the facilities and the beauty of the area makes the city a perfect place to live for people who are looking for natural and urban vibe altogether.

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