Ask These 5 Questions Before Buying A New Construction Property


Most of the people believe that property buying is a difficult task and needs lots of knowledge and experience. This age-old concept is actually very common for many. Yet, the truth is a little different. No matter how experienced property buyer you are, you have to follow certain guidelines. And so is the case of a new investor.

There are five most important questions that you need to ask before you decide to buy a property. And here are those five questions for you.

Ask The Realtor About Their Past Work Record

This is necessary to know as that way you can actually understand the reputation of the builder. If you think that the realtor is not the kind you are looking for, back away immediately. There is absolutely no point in spending your hard earned money if you think that the builder is not how you expected. Moreover, always check the builder’s website and learn about the previous client’s reviews. Get to know your builder well before you decide to buy the property. If you are looking for a reputed builder in the Savannah region, search online for realtor Savannah GA.

Ask About The Base Features And Standard Price

When you first see a new property, the owner will tell you a base price that includes certain features. If you need some extra change, then the price might get higher. So make sure you clear your doubts and talk accordingly. The base price includes all the standard features, but for any sort of upgrades, the extra charge is always there. Before you start your overall estimation, always count the extra features you may need. The best way to do so is by talking to your real estate agent and get help for your property search and understand the price factors.

Ask If You Can See The Construction

After you buy a plot of land or an under-construction house, you are the owner of that property. So you should be able to tour your place frequently and check the work going. This is why you need to ask the seller that they allow you to visit and view the progress of the property. The builder should not be restrictive about this and should allow you if you ask beforehand.

Ask About Building Inspection

Even if you buy a brand new house, does not mean that it will be completely free from any defects and imperfections. You might never know what the problem is hidden inside your wall or ceiling if you do not go for a professional inspection. You may ask about the warranty for the house or the best option is to hire an inspector who can check the property in an accurate way. Warranty generally covers for the first five years. But with an inspection, you can be sure of the property you invest in.

Ask About The Point Of Contact

In most cases, you will hardly be able to communicate with the builder directly. So always ask who will be the point of contact. You must get their contact details and arrange a meeting if necessary.

Keep all these points in mind and you will be able to make the right choice. Real estate property buying is not that hard if you know the right way to deal.

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