How to Safe Children and Install New Winnipeg Windows


People having children already know the possibilities of injuries while living in a home. Sometimes, curiosity may turn into a deadly incident that cannot be corrected in any way. Children under age of 5 are more susceptible to having a lot of injuries or troubles because they are curious about trying out everything in the home.

So, what parents have to do is to take appropriate safety measures in order to protect their kids. They have to remember that window safety is crucial for every home and they have to search for different ways to make it effective. For this, they have to begin with finding the right window type.

According to most experts, hung windows turn out to be the perfect option. They have to learn more about their significance and find out if they would work with modern home style or not. In case, it’s about working on older homes, casement style can get the job done. They have a crank to operate, which gives ease access to and out of the home. Awning windows are another worth considering option. They are related to casements that allow windows’ top to come out. Slider windows can also be chosen due to their smoothness and ease to operate.

Once homeowners are certain about their selection, the next step is to take some precautions in order to keep kids safe from injuries or other problems during window replacement.

  1. Move Furniture and Furnishings Away

Toddlers always have the habit to look and try everything in their surroundings. They climb chairs, desks, tables and other furniture items to get things that are not for them.

While installing new Winnipeg windows, the rule of thumb is to always remove furniture in order to ensure safety. Since toddlers have easy access to a window, it is crucial for homeowners to avoid their interference or contact with bigger items so that they can safe from potential damages.

  1. Add More Locks

Nowadays, windows and doors Winnipeg are provided with different built-in locking systems. Since their responsibility is not to let everyone get into the home, they always have to remain in good condition.

Although there are numerous types of windows, homeowners should choose such options that are not easily accessible to toddlers. Remember that kids usually open windows and doors to see or go out without letting anyone know.

  1. Create barrier with Metal Bars

Locks are not the only way to keep windows closed rather, homeowners also have to search for better window guards that are usually made of metal. Not only do they decrease the chances of robbery but also keep kids safe from falling or peeking out.

  1. Glass Reinforcement

Considering their vary nature, kids used to be rough on almost everything they come across. Having tempered glass in Winnipeg windows would be really troublesome and concerning because it can break easily and shatter into hundreds of pieces. So, what homeowners, as parents, have to do is to use transparent window film as the reinforced window glass. Since it is resistant to cracks, there is no need to worry about shattered pieces everywhere.

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