Pro Advice on Cleaning Windows and Doors


When it comes to giving a makeover to the property, nothing can match the impact new windows and doors make. Apart from being easy to clean and low in maintenance, new units enhance overall aesthetics. But, if a homeowner doesn’t pay regular attention and the units are exposed to outside conditions, they may lose efficiency over the time period. Their handles, locks and hinges may start to show signs of damages soon.

So, what needs to be done is to learn a few cleaning tips that are sure to sustain home’s overall appearance and smooth operation. The rule of thumb is to see more here and understand what should be done at least once or twice a year:

  • Inspect space between the frame and sash. Make sure that the weather stripping is working properly.
  • Check the external and internal finish of windows and doors to figure out whether they need repair or not. If needed, be careful when applying varnish, stains or paint as they may damage the weather stripping and its flexibility.
  • Vacuum debris from tack and sill areas before moving ahead.
  • Make sure that the weep hole on windows and doors are clean to avoid obstructions. If the opening is closed, use a soft bottle brush for cleaning.
  • Lubricate trucks, rollers and other hardware components on regular basis. However, if a home is on the coastal area with salt in the environment, then it is recommended to lubricate every month.
  • Work on the sliding door rollers and adjust the height for cleaning. Don’t forget to lift the panel.

Care Tips for Vinyl Frames

When it comes to taking care of vinyl window frames, experts recommend to occasionally:

  • Wash the frames with water and a mild dish soap. To avoid issues, test on inconspicuous areas first.
  • Rinse windows and doors thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth.
  • Clear the tracks and weep holes from dirt to maintain their performance.
  • Inspect the weather stripping and hardware every six months.
  • Avoid using petroleum-based, caustic or abrasive cleaners as they may leave adverse effects on the frame.

Glass Cleaning

Be sure not to wash glass in sunlight directly. Rather, choose a cloudy day and do the following:

  • Mix a mild dish soap is water and wash windows and doors Toronto thoroughly.
  • Take a soft cloth and dry the glass to prevent water spots.
  • Don’t use a high pressure spray nozzle because it may damage their surface.

Screen Cleaning

No doubt, screens play a significant role in giving a sleek and smooth appearance to doors and windows. They have to remain clean and clear in order to provide obstructed views of outside.

When it comes to their cleaning, the screens need to be removed and placed on a flat surface. then, take a garden hose and spray off debris and dust with water. Once they are dried, put them in place and rest assured about their performance.

By following these simple tips, homeowners do not only retain that smooth appearance but can also enjoy quality services in the long run.

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