The Hottest Home Markets: What You Need To Know Before You Buy


Beach life lovers can buy modern bungalows comprising three bedrooms and two bathrooms alongside a refashioned kitchen at approximately $150, 000. You will breathe Tampa Bay’s fresh air while resting at a wide anterior portico of your home. This price appears as the low average cost of homes for single families in Florida Metro region.

Tampa owes its fame to the affordability and popularity of its housing markets in Florida. Even so, you will notice a sharp variation between shopping for your home in such a market and actually getting one from house-buying contests in “hot” markets. Despite being attractive, Tampa does not appear on the rank on America’s list of hottest home markets. Such markets suit and serve sellers better than they do to buyers. This is because increased demand leads to increase in prices. Thus, they become unfavorable for homebuyers.

Hot or Cold?

You might not appreciate living in a hot market until you begin renting a home in the same environment. This does not mean you will not identify affordable homes in hot markets. For instance, you can get a single-family house selling at an average of $192, 000 in Dallas. You cannot compare this price to similar houses in San Francisco. Americans know the latter market for its historically expensive homes and you will averagely cough out $750, 000 to obtain a single family home.

Home prices continue escalating especially in hot markets. In fact, the median prices for homes grow at the rate of 9% per annum nationally. However, some markets feature higher percentage increases in these prices. For instance, Denver witnesses a rise worth $17.2% in home prices annually.

Buying Homes In Hot Markets

The home seller’s markets pride in hot temperatures. You should therefore practice and uphold patience when preparing to buy your home in their markets. Ideally, you should seek preapproval for a mortgage loan. This implies that you can always take the swiftest move immediately you come across an appealing opportunity. Sellers receive many offers and they barely negotiate on prices in their markets. In fact, you risk participating in unnerving bidding battles.

Tips For Maximizing Gains In Buying Homes In Hot Markets

  • You should make quick moves rather than waiting for your free weekends to view available listings.
  • In red-hot markets, you must pay slightly higher than the marked price in order to win the auction
  • You might want to pay for home inspection earlier. The only challenge with this move is risking losing many funds especially if you fail to snag a home from your first two attempts.
  • Prepare to make a sizeable deposit. Real Estate Agents offer the best advice regarding possible occurrences to ensure that you keep your money upfront in your account.
  • Minimize or forget about your contingencies- These constitute your terms for closing a sale. In a hot market, you had better work with concessions like permitting more time to the seller to finalize a move. Otherwise, you risk losing the entire deal.
  • Consider buying your home in an appealing locality even if its market is not red-hot. For instance, Tampa offers affordable yet competitive markets continue setting higher home prices because buyers continue to chase sellers blindly.

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