Selling your Virginia Home in Winter Season


Deciding when to put your house on the market can be a stressful decision if you don’t have an exact date when you absolutely have to move. Often times sellers find themselves listing their property when they have time to handle the extra workload that selling a property entails. Although there is work involved in selling your home, the right Realtor can help ease some of the stress and guide you though the whole process.

In Northern Virginia, the real estate market tends to pick up in spring and continues through the summer months. Many families want to get their Virginia homes in listed in the spring so it is sold by the summer and the whole family, especially the kids can settle in their new home before the start of the new school year.

In the winter, there are not as many homes on the market so there is not as much competition but there are also not as many buyers either. If you choose a savvy Realtor that utilizes online marketing and knows the market then, anytime can be a good time to buy or sell. Realtor brokerage firm Redfin found that in 19 major markets, there was a 9% higher chance of selling within 180 days, and at a smaller discount in winter, than in the spring months.

First and foremost you should list your property when it is ready to be listed, and don’t marry a specific season. There are some things you can do to be ready to sell you home such as interviewing Realtors. Many Realtors get very busy as the season goes on so it might be worth it to start interviewing earlier in the season. Believe it or not, many people list their home for sale but don’t know exactly what they will do once they sell. You need to know exactly what your plan is from financing, to new locations and the market where you will move to. Start cleaning and de-cluttering – start your spring cleaning early so that when you do list your home prospective buyers can imagine themselves in the home.

Find the right real estate agent, finish your renovations, and ensure you have the time needed to spruce up or stage before showings begin. If you find yourself wanting to sell your home before spring, don’t worry because it is certainly something you should consider. Just because the majority of sellers list their homes in spring, doesn’t mean it is necessarily right for you or will guarantee a better outcome.

Homes in Virginia or anywhere can sell at any time of the year, it just depends on getting your home in front of the right client looking to finding the right home and that may be your property. Being prepared for putting your home on the market will put you at an advantage so you won’t miss the opportunity to sell when prospects come looking. Just make sure that you did all the necessary work to allow potential buyers to fall in love with your home and not turned off.

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