Top 5 Tips When Buying a New Build Home


When you buy a new home you will believe the entire family can look forward to a perfect start. Everything will be pristine, fresh and not lived in. It will be like unwrapping a brand new gift from the manufacturers and using it for the first time.

The problem is the new-build home is not always like the dream you envisage. In some cases, families have been unable to move in at all, despite being given assurances the home is ready to be occupied.

Key elements on the home are apparently not in good working order and there are a number of snags to contend with. The dream new home has come across problems before you have even spent the first night asleep in the new place.

Why Is This Even A Thing?

Snags are little things that are not installed, built or working properly when the home was in the middle of its development. During the months it takes for the ground workers, bricklayers, scaffolders, roofers, plasterers, electricians and plumbers to build your home – they will all have been working on other properties.

Often, a bricklayers might be commissioned to work on three different properties within the same day. The development managers and team supervisors are under intense pressure to get the work done quickly.

Bricklayers are often told to complete work by Friday night as the plastering teams will be in first thing Monday morning. The plasterers cannot get started until the bricklaying teams have completed have completed and there still has to be an inspection from the quality department which makes sure the work is of sound and proper construction.

One Construction Department Is Constantly Chasing Another

Even the inspection teams can have plasterers hovering behind them whilst they check the brickwork for faults. They are keen to get going and move on before the next phase of the build has to take place.

Work in Haste, Repent at Leisure

Some construction jobs in a new build home are hurried and will have quality issues that have been overlooked by the quality assurances department (building surveyors).

The Reason for a Snagging Report

At Home Snag you can have an inspection performed on your new home before you move in and after the builders have just moved out. It is designed to pick up all of the tiny faults so often found in a new home.

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