What Types of Businesses Use Luxury Vinyl Flooring?


Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are a breath of fresh air for many commercial applications, as this tough and very attractive flooring ticks all the boxes in every respect. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of timber, or the sophistication of marble or travertine, LVT has you covered. The finishes are indeed varied, making it easy to select a design that fits in with your colour scheme, and with a special cork backing, LVT offers a silent walking experience. Here are just a few of the commercial applications for LVT.

  • Schools – LVT is ideal for schools, as the flooring is very hardwearing, and should there be any issues with staining or scratching, a simple tile replacement is all it takes. Classrooms, corridors and meeting halls are all covered with luxury vinyl, and the beauty of vinyl is it can be installed on any substrate. The best vinyl flooring suppliers in Halifax have many schools on their books, mainly due to the incredible properties of the composite material.
  • Restaurants – There is no better flooring for a restaurant or diner than luxury vinyl, and that favourite eatery of yours might not have a solid timber floor, as LVT looks and feels identical. Stone, timber or slate finishes give you many choices, and spillages are never an issue.
  • Retail Outlets – LVT is made for the retail environment, with a protective layer that is scratch and scuff resistant, meaning you can move those shelve units without worrying about the floor.

Whatever your industry, it is likely that luxury vinyl tiles would make for the perfect flooring, and with a Google search, you can locate a local commercial flooring contractor who has exactly what you need.

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