Ways to Keep Rodents Away From Your Car


Rodents and mice are an incredible pain if you have them in your home, and if you have these nasty animals in your car, then it is a real pain for you. Moreover, if you neglect them and don’t take necessary action against them, then it will become nearly impossible for you to keep mice out all by yourself. But as it is always said, ‘safety is better than cure.’ 

Different ways to keep 

Keep your car clean

This is one thing that you can do is not provide the necessary factors that the rodents need for infestation, which are food and shelter. If you make a routine to clean your car regularly, this will make sure that your vehicle is away from dirt and food leftovers and there are no signs or invitations for rodents. Rodents are in search of warmth and dark places to live. Surroundings that are not clean and not seen after are the best places for rodents to breed. 

You should avoid eating in your car

Rats and rodents are compelled towards food items. They are attracted to dog food, dry cat food, and even any food crumbles that are left in your car. If there is an emergency food supply that has been left in your vehicle, then there is a very high possibility that the rodents might have eaten it. 

Therefore, to keep your car safe from this, you must ensure that there are no food items left in your car, and even if there is any food item present in your vehicle, it should be contained in a hard-cased food container that should be leak proof.

Keep your lights on

Rodents and rats have a behavior where the small creatures like to store their food in dark hideouts so that they can eat it later. They can keep their food in places like the car’s air vents or any vehicle chamber. For you to get rid of these nasty animals, you must open the hood of your car and leave it in the sun for about an hour. Due to the scorching heat and light of the sun, these rodents will not prefer to stay in your car.

Use Rat repellent and traps

Rats, mice, and other rodents tend to have sensitive noses, and they can smell anything from a considerable distance. You can spray or keep a bottle of peppermint oil in your vehicle. The scent of peppermint is powerful and will keep the mice and rodents away.

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