What you need to know about tilting garage doors


Tilting garage doors are the most popular on the market. They are available in three different types: single panel, sectional and roll able.

Several versions

The oldest and most classic version of tilting garage doors is the one-panel or single-panel version. However, the sectional version is gaining popularity and is increasingly required.

Nowadays, new versions of garage doors are manufactured in sectional form; several panels connected by hinges that wind on a guide driven by rollers. The weight of the door is compensated and supported by a system of torsion springs or springs.

History of tilting garage doors

These doors have existed for about fifty years and have emerged as an alternative to uninsulated roller blinds that were used at the time. As the panels are made with integrated insulation, tilting garage doors have become increasingly popular because of their ability to regulate the temperature in the garage space.

The ability to fill the door frame with clear glass panels and the installation of an access door has given it the popularity it still enjoys today.

However, they have major drawbacks as well as some weak points.

  • The installation of the rail system is often expensive.
  • Continuous movement of the door may severely damage the structure over time.
  • Sectional doors have a reputation for jamming if moving the panels is not synchronized and a dent on a panel can prevent movement of the panels and further damage the door.
  • Considerable pressure is exerted on the springs to support the considerable weight that these doors are supposed to handle and may cause the springs to move in their guide.
  • Balancing springs require a high level of maintenance that is not particularly cost effective.

Compact doors

Compact garage doors are considered as overhead doors by manufacturers because of the structure of the door panels that “tilts” towards the roof of the garage when it is opened. In addition, the compact garage door is similar in appearance to a typical garage door. The main difference is in the way a compact garage door is built inside.

  • As its name suggests, the compact door is made up of a folding door with a universal trail system that adapts to any opening so as not to encroach on the garage space. The springs used require less maintenance and, through the independent support system, the door does not require structural adjustment.

When looking for a tilting garage door, study the most popular options. A compact garage door could be more appropriate and more practical for your needs. Always seek the advice of a professional such as DOIC Garage Doors Perth to learn more and make an informed choice.

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