When it comes to real estate REMAX is the best


That’s right, REMAX is the best real estate agency in Malta and has been advertising itself with the slogan, “REMAX for real estate in Malta.  Malta is a hot real estate market which is driven by its booming economy which is attracting a huge influx of immigrants and corporations. REMAX realizes that all real estate agencies are not the same. It considers itself to be the best real estate agency in Malta because of the vast wealth of information it offers its buyers, sellers, and real estate agents.  Some of the features which make REMAX a rising star in the real estate industry in Malta are mentioned below.

The landing page features a search engine allowing the user to enter in criteria and view properties – residential or commercial – which fit his or her parameters. This allows the potential buyer to understand the types of homes available in the market he or she is looking for.  He or she can then discuss these properties with a seasoned and knowledgeable agent to learn more about them, and to better understand which property fits his or her needs or wants enough to be considered his or her dream home.

However, REMAX goes further by ensuring that its real estate agents and brokers constantly complete rigorous continuing education online and classroom-based classes to ensure that their knowledge is fresh, relevant, and accurate. Buyers and sellers appreciate this and bring in repeat business and referrals as a result. The REMAX website is also very informative in that it contains a section called, “Why Malta?”  This section describes why the visitor should choose Malta for his or her home, and the description serves to advertise Malta to visitors in an intriguing way to make them actually want to come live in Malta.  Few other websites or real estate agencies do this!

REMAX also contains a blog section which includes informative and relevant articles which any reader will find useful.  The prospective buyer can use the information from these articles as the foundation for deciding which property he or she should be looking into buying based on the results of his or her property searches.  The blog section is so informative that even seasoned agents find it useful.

REMAX contains useful information on the Konvenju, or the period after the buyer has purchased the property, but before the property has legally transferred title into his or her hands.  This process is a lengthy and complex legal matter which any homebuyer in Malta must endure.  REMAX agents and brokers also use their vast knowledge regarding the Konvenju to act as consultant and advisors to guide the buyers and sellers through this lengthy, complex, and emotional process.  The result is a smooth and quick transfer of legal title and ownership from the buyer to the seller!

The features mentioned above are just a few of many which REMAX offers buyers and sellers to work with them and treat them as real people.  REMAX has satisfied buyers and sellers who give them repeat business and referrals as a result.  Few other real estate agencies and brokerages in Malta can make this claim!

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